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Sensuability - Illustration by Claudio Bandoli

Sensuability Exhibition - 2020

From February 14th to March 14th 2020 at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, this illustration was part of the second edition of the exhibition "Sensuability: ti ha detto niente la mamma?", a project conceived by Armanda Salvucci to talk about disability, helping to spread a culture that represents different physicalities through different artistic languages. An invitation to be sensual, to experience sexuality beyond prejudices, beyond the obsession with perfect and performing bodies. The idea was to redesign the romantic, erotic or sensual scenes of movies that have made the history of cinema, being inspired by all forms of disability, visible and invisible, in an ironic and light way. I redesigned "Chasing a thief", by Alfred Hitchcock.

Technique: Digital drawing.

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