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Siamo cittadini



Comune di Treviso - 2014

In May 2014 in Treviso was held the first ceremony for the delivery of "Civic Citizenships" awarded to sixty-two children born in Italy to foreign parents and resident in the municipality, but to whom the the law does not recognize citizenship. Guest of honor the newly elected European parliamentarian C├ęcile Kyenge, former Minister for Integration, together with the mayor Giovanni Manildo and the councilor for immigration policies Anna Caterina Cabino.
They asked that the characters I had drawn a few months before to introduce the new traffic plan of the Municipality (the Trevisan family) be used to expalin the principles of the first articles of the Italian Constitution, through a short three-page comic entitled "Siamo cittadini" ("We Are Citizens"), that I personally supervised and that was distributed during the ceremony.

Technique: Hand drawing, digital color.

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