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Io e la mia storia



NATs per... Onlus - 2014

NATs per... Onlus, which since 2000 has been working for the promotion and protection of the rights of the person, in particular of minors, both in Italy and abroad, involved me in the project "Io e la mia storia" ("Me and my Story"), an initiative created with the aim of promoting, through different expressive languages ​​(photography, writing, comics and theater) an effective path of social cohesion. In particular, with the involvement of some restricted young people, a comic was created to encourage young prisoners to become aware and rework their personal history and, at the same time, aimed at promoting outside, through their own voice, a message of legality.
Basically, we studied some characters for the story they had created in the creative writing workshop with Luigi Dal Cin, which I then transformed into a short six-page comic. It was exhibited at the Treviso Comic Book Festival 2014 in the spaces of the Chamber of Commerce in Treviso.

Technique: Hand drawing, china and digital color.

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