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Federpesca - GAL Ponte Lama Bisceglie - 2023

Mariuccio is the protagonist of the comic "Una chela lava l'altra" and the animated digital book "Buoni come il Mare," created as part of the #ProgettoMareBeneComune promoted by FEDERPESCA - the National Federation of Fishing Enterprises - and GAL Ponte Lama Bisceglie.
These two stories I illustrated were crafted by Malusa Kosgran: the first is an 18-page comic book, and the second is an animated digital book that came to life thanks to the amazing work of Elisetta. The project was coordinated by Mauro Riserbato and Gabriella Ferrante handled the translations.
Check out Mariuccio's comic: "Una chela lava l'altra".
Watch the animated book featuring Mariuccio: "Buoni come il Mare" (Italian version) - "As good as the sea" (English version).
Learn more about the Mare Bene Comune Project.

Technique: Digital drawing.

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