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Pio X - Un papa di campagna



Comune di Riese Pio X - 2023

Here is a fourty pages comic book about the life of Pope Pius X, written by Davide Nordio, drawn and colored by me. This comic, titled "Pio X, un papa di campagna" ("Pius X, a Pope from the Countryside"), was released for the Peregrinatio Corporis of Pope Sarto, from October 6 to 15, 2023, in Treviso and Riese Pio X. The event marked the 120th anniversary of Giuseppe Sarto's election as Pope. This special project was brought to life by the collaboration of the Giuseppe Sarto Foundation, the Diocese of Treviso, the Parish of San Matteo in Riese Pio X, and the Municipality of Riese Pio X, with support from the Treviso Comic Book Festival.

Technique: Digital drawing.

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